Criminal Defense

Whether you are charged with a misdemeanor or a more serious crime in a local county court, we can help.  The Orange County criminal defense team at KLDC Criminal Defense has been helping individuals accused of crimes for over 20 years.  Our firm has completed 70 jury trials as lead counsel and knows how to fight and defend a criminal case.

Federal Defense

Being charged with a federal crime is extremely serious and usually carries significant federal prison time if you are convicted.  Not all criminal defense attorneys handle federal criminal matters so it is crucial to hire a federal defense attorney who does.  The KLDC Criminal Defense Firm can assist you in preparing your defense.

Juvenile Defense

Unfortunately, sometimes our children make poor choices and end up getting into legal trouble.  Thankfully the justice system allows a child to get "rehabilitated" through the juvenile system, instead of being punished like an adult.  The KLDC Criminal Defense firm is experienced in juvenile defense matters and is here to help!

Next Steps...

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